Maimed by the System, 2nd Revised Edition (2018), authored by Major Navdeep Singh is an extremely unique work. It is a collection of real life accounts of defence personnel, military veterans, disabled soldiers and their kin who were wronged by the system but fought and successfully claimed their rights and dues. These are real inspirational stories of such individuals who had to put up difficult and protracted battles with the officialdom, something they were clearly unprepared for, to claim their basic rights post disability, post battle and many posthumously. Besides the stories, the book also contains selected published works of the author. The book has been dedicated to India’s Constitutional Courts, especially the Delhi and the Punjab & Haryana High Courts for standing by the men and women in uniform. This is the Second/Revised 2018 edition of the book with additional stories and latest published works on topical and related issues.

The author emphasizes in the prologue that it is hope and triumph that the book embodies, not despair. The author also recognizes that more than the public at large or the establishment, support to such causes has originated from judicial process and the media, both print and electronic.

The foreword for the book has been contributed by Mr Eugene Fidell, the First President of the National Institute of Military Justice of the United States of America.

Part proceeds from the book shall go towards the welfare of military veterans.

The First Edition of the book was published by Shree Ram Law House (Chandigarh) and the Second Revised Edition is being distributed by Notion Press (Chennai).


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